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What is Modr8?

Modr8 is a white-label Telegram community bot platform - We provide the engine, settings and customisations all for a bot registered to you, with your branding and bot profile.
Telegram is a brilliant platform for small to super large communities to come together and chat in real-time. Often when managing a thriving group chat you need a little helping hand to moderate, announce and provide growth options. This is where a Modr8 powered bot can step in!
With your Telegram bots brain being powered by Modr8 you can rest easy knowing it is protecting your community from spam as well as being able to automate announcements and gamify your chat with reputation ranks and point based systems.
If you're ready to get started check out our tutorial here!
Community Managers
Modr8 Features
  • Spam Prevention
  • User Management & Analytics
  • Scheduled Announcements & Social Integrations
  • Custom Commands & Rules Engine
  • Polls & Quizzes
  • Community Reputation & Referrals
If you are looking for an all in one community management bot, whilst being able to control your bot profile to suit your brand then Modr8 is the perfect fit! Don't just take our word for it though - Modr8 is handling community moderation from small private groups to global brands.
Feel free to browse our user guide and documentation which will walk you through the process of creating your own Telegram bot, registering it to our platform and managing all of the settings and features you may need. If you need further support or have any questions, why not join our very own Telegram community, where you will meet Modr8 platform users just like you and be able to contact our support team direct.
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